Trump says the battleground states saw election fraud. Republican officials running those states disagree.

President Donald Trump has claimed, without offering evidence, that the election was overrun by fraud and his campaign filed a number of lawsuits attacking the voting process in several battleground states he went on to lose.

State leaders and election officials – many of them Republican – in those crucial swings states have responded by assuring voters there have been no signs of widespread fraud despite what Trump and his supporters have alleged. And state leaders, including many Republicans

Here is a look at what those officials have said in response to Trump’s unsubstantiated claims since President-elect Joe Biden was declared the winner.


Biden flipped the state of Arizona blue, becoming the first Democrat to carry it in 24 years.

Trump and his allies have repeatedly claimed there was voter fraud involved, with his supporters spouting conspiracy theories like “Sharpiegate” – an unfounded suspicion that election workers were invalidating votes. But no claims of any substantive impropriety has been supported by evidence.