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Top Democrat: No Question Kanye West Campaign Is Meant to Take Votes From Biden

A top Democrat claimed on Friday that theres “no question” Kanye Wests 2020 campaign is aimed at siphoning votes from presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

“I dont think theres any question about that,” Clyburn said during an appearance on MSNBC.

“We saw what was going on in Wisconsin where he was getting help getting on the ballot. But African Americans, most especially, know what this campaign is all about.”

West, 43, is an artist known for his support of Republican President Donald Trump. He announced last month he was mounting a third-party bid for the presidency, saying he does not support Trump any longer and hoped both Trump and Biden dropped out.

West made it onto the Oklahoma ballot but has missed some deadlines, such as South Carolinas, and withdrawn filings for other states, including New Jersey.

West filed paperwork this week to get on Wisconsins ballot. Wests efforts have been aided by lawyers and others connected to the Republican party, but theres no concrete proof that he is running to split the vote. Asked about the notion, West told Forbes this week that hes in it “to win.”

Trump, asked about West, told reporters in Washington on Wednesday that he likes West. “Hes always been very nice to me,” he said, adding that hes not involved with Wests bid.

Clyburn said on Friday that black people “have seen these kind of tactics before,” citing a U.S. Senate race in his state.

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House Majority Whip Rep. James Clyburn (D-S.C.) in Washington in a May 2019 file photograph. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

“We fell victim to it when we didnt know where it was coming from or what was going on. We now know, and were not going to make that mistake again. If you fool me once, that shame is on you. You fool me twice, that shame would be on me. We aiRead More From Source


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