iPad Pro teardown basically finds 2018s iPad Pro with a lidar sensor

  • The full teardown of the 2020 iPad Pro. iFixit
  • Here's the camera array with lidar sensor. iFixit
  • And here's an infrared view of the dots projected by that lidar sensor. iFixit
  • For comparison, the dots projected by the TrueDepth array on the front used for Face ID. iFixit

As expected, iFixit has published a teardown of the 12.9-inch, 2020 iPad Pro, assessing both what's new in the device compared to 2018 and how straightforward the device is to open up and repair. It turns out not too much has changed (which we already knew), and the Pro remains quite difficult to service.

In the video (sorry, no blog post this time, it seems), we see the various steps required to replace interior components like the screen or USB-C port that might have failed. Just about every step involves "lots of adhesive" and "precarious prying." In fact, it's a conundrum from the very first step, as opening up the casing will leave you trying to figure out how to detach two cables that Apple clearly didn't intend users to be futzing with.

Unsurprisingly, iFixit gave the 2020 iPad Pro a 3 out of 10 for repairability—the same as it gave the 2018 model. That's because for these intents and purposes, this is the same tablet as was introduced in 2018.

iFixit's iPad Pro teardown.

iFixit found largely the same components before, includRead More – Source