Three New Hampshire plaintiffs sue to block coronavirus measures

Enlarge / New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu.Shannon Finney/Getty Images

Three New Hampshire residents have sued Gov. Chris Sununu arguing that a ban on gatherings larger than 50 people in the state violates their constitutional rights.

The New Hampshire Union Leader reports that one of the plaintiffs, Eric Couture, attends services three times a week at a Baptist church in Nashua.

"Anyone can choose not to exercise their God-given unalienable rights,” Couture said. “We can choose not to assemble if that is our desire. What cannot occur is one man in a position of power deciding to strip us of our rights in the name of safety and without due process.”

Another plaintiff, former Republican State Representative David W. Binford, said the order would prevent him from attending meetings of the Grafton County Republican Committee.

The AP reports that a judge on Wednesday denied the plaintiffs' request for an immediate injunction against the governor's order. A hearing is scheduled for Friday at the Merrimack County Superior Court.

"A spokesman for Sununu said Thursday that the emergency order is consistent with actions taken across the country and is clearly within the governors authorRead More – Source