Microsofts first-ever Android Phone, the Surface Duo, spotted in the wild

  • The Microsoft Surface Duo, running what seems to be Android 10. Israel Rodriguez
  • All folded up, here's the front Microsoft logo. Israel Rodriguez
  • Book mode, with two side-by-side apps. Israel Rodriguez
  • A swipe in from the top of the display opened this little two-icon panel. On the normal Android UI, this would be the notification panel, but it sure doesn't look like a notification panel. Israel Rodriguez
  • Here's that panel again, this time in portrait mode. Is that a thumbnail at the bottom? Israel Rodriguez
  • Here are the two screens working as a single big display. Israel Rodriguez
  • The Microsoft Surface Duo. It's a dual-screen Android phone. Microsoft
  • This back view shows off the Windows logo and the hinge. Microsoft
  • It folds up like this for easy carrying. Microsoft
  • You can also fold it around the other way, with the screens out. Microsoft
  • I think it's mandatory at Microsoft to add pen support to all products. So naturally, there's a pen. Microsoft
  • What are you supposed to do with two screens? Well, use two apps at once, of course! Microsoft
  • Here, if you drag an email app to the hinge, you'll put the app on both screens. Microsoft
  • In two-screen mode, you get the inbox on one side and a message on the other. Microsoft
  • Long-press the Google Maps link, and drag the link to the other screen. Microsoft
  • You'll keep your app open while opening Google Maps on the other screen. Microsoft
  • Let's talk form factors. You can use it like a mini laptop, with a keyboard at the bottom. Microsoft
  • The keyboard. Also note what looks like a volume rocker and a power buttons on the bottom edge. Microsoft
  • The bottom can also hold game touchscreen controls. Microsoft
  • The Duo can be used book-style, for reading. Read More – Source