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Chinas Flag-Making Hub Predicting Second Term for Trump

Factory owners in Chinas Yiwu City may not have known the political views of the 2016 U.S. presidential candidates, but five months before election night they already knew that Donald Trump would win. Now, about a year before the 2020 election, they predict that President Trump will win again.

Yiwu is a small city in eastern Zhejiang Province; yet it is well-known as the “largest small commodity wholesale manufacturing place in the world.” Factories in Yiwu making fabric products handle a huge portion of flag orders from all over the globe.

In 2016, when these factory owners noticed that their American customers had switched from ordering flags supporting Hillary Clinton to ones for Donald Trump, they knew that Trump had far more supporters and would likely win the election and that Clinton flag sales could unexpectedly drop off.

Some of the factory bosses and workers shared their predictions on Chinese social media months before the election. When the final results came out, many Chinese were amused that people in Yiwu were more accurate at predicting who would win the election than the polling agencies in the United States.

In preparation for the 2020 election, American retailers are again sending purchase orders for banners, flags, and other fabric products.

Mr. Qian, manager of Mufan Household Textile Factory in Yiwu, told China Consumer Journal on Nov. 29 that the recent orders he received are mostly for products related to the U.S. 2020 election.

“So far, almost all orders are for Trump support, such as flags with Trump 2020, Make America Great Again, and those with images of Trump. So far, I have received few orders supporting other candidates. I think Trumps approval rate must be high,” Qian said.

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