RIP OG Pixel: Google ends support after just three years

  • The Google Pixel and Pixel XL Ron Amadeo
  • The back of the two devices. Ron Amadeo
  • Made by who? Made by Google! Ron Amadeo
  • Check out that crazy back panel. Ron Amadeo
  • The fingerprint reader is slightly recessed. Ron Amadeo
  • The camera is great. Here you can see the laser autofocus system working. Ron Amadeo
  • On the front you've got earpiece speakers, a camera, and a sensor cluster. Ron Amadeo
  • On the bottom you get a whole lot of bezel. Ron Amadeo
  • The power button has a nice texture going on. Ron Amadeo
  • A headphone jack! Ron Amadeo
  • USB Type C on the bottom, along with a single speaker. The other opening is for the microphone. Ron Amadeo
  • The sides start with a beveled edge… Ron Amadeo
  • …and end with a rounded over edge. Ron Amadeo
  • Just for fun: Pixel versus iPhone! FIGHT! Ron Amadeo
  • With the screens off they look nearly identical, except for that home button. Ron Amadeo
  • Until you flip them over, then that big glass panel is the only thing you can see. Ron Amadeo
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