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Joe Biden admits he could have done better at latest debate

Joe Biden told the crowd at a fundraiser in Houston Friday that he did a good job at the Democratic debate the night before but that there was always room for improvement.

“Last night I thought was a good night. I think I could have done better. I will do better, God willing,” he said to applause from the partisan group of supporters.

“The fact of the matter is for the first time we had something approaching a debate,” he added, asserting that the previous Democratic contests were more about gotchas than substance.

“One-minute assertions and 30-second attacks,” he said.

While many analysts — including Fox News Doug Schoen — said Biden performed well, he also had a few typically cringeworthy moments, such as when he argued that parents should turn on “record players” to help their kids learn.

“Record players? No one wants a president who uses such dated language,” New York political strategist Hank Sheinkopf told The Post, laughing.

The former veep said the debates should be about what candidates will do, not what they said decades ago.

“This is about the future, this is not about the past. I love it when people say in 1972 you said…” he began before he was interrupted by laughter.

Bidens past stances on school busing and crime-fighting have come up a number of times since he declared his candidacy.

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