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Woman describes horror when thief pointed gun at 1-year-old cousin

A woman who was robbed of $7,000 while holding her 1-year-old cousin said Wednesday she was “terrified” when the gunman pointed his weapon at the baby.

“He was saying, give me your bag, give me your bag, and I kept saying, no, no, no,'” said Lisa Calistro, 29, who was clutching little Leonia during the robbery in Queens Friday. “Then he pointed the gun at the baby and I gave him the bag.”

“I was just so scared for the baby,” she said. “She doesnt really know whats going on.”

Calistro, who is from Guyana, was visiting with the girls mother, also her cousin, when the mugger struck outside the 135th Place home in Jamaica around 6 p.m.

The mom was inside with upstairs neighbors at the time.

“I saw the UPS guy come to the door and leave a package, so when (the shooter) came I thought he was just visiting someone who lived in the house,” she said.

“So, I turned my back and then he came in and he pushed me into the wall.”

She said the thief shoved a gun into her ribs and demanded her purse — which also had her passport, including the visa she needs to return home.

The thief ran off with the cash and is still on the loose, police said.

“I was terrified,” she said, adding that her purse had “all I have.”

Calistro said the stolen $7,000 was half ofRead More – Source