Your Cat Could Be The Star Of ASDAs Christmas TV Advert

Your Cat Could Be The Star Of ASDA's Christmas TV AdvertTom's Cat/Pixabay

Given up the dream of becoming a film star? Havent we all.

But it may not be too late for your pet – the next best thing! – as big green supermarket ASDA are looking for a cat to star in their upcoming Christmas TV advert, so get your feline film ready, yeah?

In a bid to drum up some pre-Christmas advert Christmas advertising, ASDA have put the word out theyre looking for a marvellous moggy to take the lead in their 2019 advert, because Christmas adverts have become a huge cultural event these days, havent they. Nice one, capitalism!


If your kitty is up for it, theyll be auditioning for the role of Mr Grumbles, though Im going to go out on a limb and say it could be Mrs Grumbles too.

The role will reportedly see the cat display their wide-ranging personality, from grumpy and sullen to jubilant and joyous – emotions we can all relate to, especially around Christmas time, Im sure. Having a cat portray these moods, the very essence of human nature, makes the festive season mood swings all the more relatable, doesnt it.

Eilidh Macaskill, Vice President of Creative and Media at ASDA, said:

We want to make this Christmas the most extra special Christmas yet, so were pulling out all the stops to ensure we bring a little magic to screens, with the help of Mr Grumbles.

Your Cat Could Be The Star Of ASDA's Christmas TV AdvertASDA

According to SurreyLive, there are no particulars when it comes to what type of cat ASDA are looking for. From the Rum Tum Tugger to Mr Mistoffelees, Macavity to a Siamese, the role of Mr (or Mrs) Grumbles is open to all cats, just not these cats.

Sir Tiggy gives great shifty side eye @asda #mrgrumbles

— Charli (@Holden_McGroin) September 9, 2019

@asdaprteam perfect for mr grumbles

— laura (@laura17746905) September 9, 2019

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