Malmö police to use loudspeakers to fight crime from a distance

One of the police's loudspeakers on Möllevången Square. Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT

Next time a drunken brawl erupts outside the pubs on Malmö's Möllevången Square, the participants could be in for a shock: the city's police want to use loudspeakers together with cameras to fight crime before officers get to the scene. "We can use loudspeakers to stop ongoing crime, vandalism, or to issue warnings," Andy Roberts, chief of the police in the city's northern district, told the Sydsvenskan newspaper.

"This is a strategic initiative from our side. We have to try new methods in police work. Malmö will be the first in the country to use loudspeakers in conjunction with security cameras."

At first, the loudspeakers will be controlled from the police's operations centre, with the officers monitoring cameras playing mostly pre-recorded messages.

But Roberts said he and his team were also also considering giving officers the ability to speak through the speakers from their mobile phones oRead More – Source