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Strangers send dozens of cards to little boy ‘who hates his face and wants a new one’


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Strangers send dozens of cards to little boy 'who hates his face and wants a new one'
His mum appealed for people to show him love (Picture: Mercury)

Dozens of strangers have written Valentine’s Day cards to a little boy who said he hated his face and wanted a new one.

Warren Armstrong, five, has Moebius syndrome which means he is unable to move the left side of his face as he is missing two nerves.

His mum Jannine Atkinson, 30, was really upset to hear him talking about his lack of confidence, and appealed online for people to show him love.

She said she was overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of people wanting to show him it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

Jannine from Cadishead, Greater Manchester, said: ‘The generosity and love from strangers has been absolutely amazing.

‘All the cards were lovely, they were telling him he was beautiful and special – it was wonderful.

Strangers send dozens of cards to little boy 'who hates his face and wants a new one'
Cards and letters drop through the family’s door (Picture: Mercury)

‘Warren was excited to open them before school this morning. He asked me why he’d got the cards and whether it was his birthday – even though it’s in December.

‘His face lit up as he opened them, he was so excited. He got cards and also two teddy bears and some chocolate.

‘We also had one card off a lady whose daughter also has Moebius syndrome. They sent a card and a picture of her at the age of five, it’s her birthday tomorrow.

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‘He was so excited to see another little girl with the same condition – he actually shouted out ‘she’s got Moebius too!’.

As part of his Moebius syndrome Warren also has partial vision and syndactyly of his hands meaning his fingers and thumbs are fused together.

One card read: ‘Dear Warren, Everybody is beautiful in their own unique way, this includes you.

‘Believe in yourself and the rest will follow.’

Strangers send dozens of cards to little boy 'who hates his face and wants a new one'
Warren loved getting his cards (Picture: Mercury)

Another read: ‘Warren you are such a beautiful little boy and a clever boy. Keep doing well at school. Mummy and daddy are such lucky parents to have you.

‘Love you little man, you are so beautiful.’

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Mum-of-three Jannine said she was initially apprehensive about how Warren would react to getting the cards but as soon as she saw the smile on his face she said knew she’d done the right thing.

Jannine said: ‘I hadn’t told him about what I wrote on Facebook and at first I did wonder if I’d done the right thing.

‘After opening all the cards and presents Warren turned to me and said ‘thanks for doing this for me mummy’.

‘When I heard him say that I knew it was worth it.

‘To see strangers putting a smile on his face showing him that there are still people out there that care and helping a little boy was wonderful.’

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