Single mothers aren’t all disasters. But you wouldn’t know that from TV | Nancy Jo Sales

The single mom show du jour, SMILF, perpetuates the worst stereotypes about us, writes Nancy Jo Sales

In an alternate universe somewhere, there’s a show about a single mom who isn’t a complete disaster. She doesn’t have unprotected sex with random men as her two-year-old sleeps beside them; she doesn’t leave her kid in the middle of the night to run out and buy brownies; she doesn’t obsess about whether giving birth has stretched out her vagina; she isn’t lonely, desperate, chronically inappropriate with kids, and underemployed.

But in this universe, the single mom show du jour is SMILF, as in “Single Mom I’d Like To Fuck”, and she does do all of these things. When her child is in the hospital awaiting care, she also takes off the afternoon to don her wealthy employers’ robe, vape with the woman’s college-age son, and then have sex with him (she’s a nanny-tutor). After meeting her baby daddy’s new girlfriend, she masturbates with a vibrator while looking at pictures of the woman on social media, with her son asleep, again, in the same room.

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