Pornogrind and flying intestines: my journey into the labyrinth of underground metal

They have names like Live Burial and Thus Defiled and go to extreme lengths not to get big – or even heard. Our writer enters a place where everyone knows the difference between ‘depressive black metal’ and ‘depressive suicidal black metal’

It’s 11am on a Thursday and Millie Crampton is spending her lunchbreak explaining her double life to me. By day, she’s a student, studying mental health nursing. By night, however, she is Beryl, frontwoman of Basement Torture Killings, who deal in “serial-killing snuff grind”. Look on YouTube and you can find a video of her waving what appear to be some intestines around while singing The Rat Catcher, part of an oeuvre that also includes Shit Carcass and Necrophiled and Cannibalised.

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