Carl Sergeant’s wife found him hanged at home after he left a note

Sacked Welsh minister Carl Sargeant found hanged after leaving note on door
Former Welsh Assembly minister Carl Sargeant was found hanged last week (Picture: Getty)

Sacked Welsh minister Carl Sargeant was found hanged at home after leaving a note on the door warning his wife not to come in, his inquest heard.

Mr Sargeant, 49, was found dead by his wife four days after he was sacked as cabinet secretary for communities and children due to accusations of ‘inappropriate touching’.

He allegedly was not told about details of the accusations levelled against him but was in a ‘fragile’ state of mind when he was relieved of his duties.

His inquest opened today, with details given about how he left a note on the door of the utility room urging his wife to call the police.

She found him inside on the floor. Resuscitation was attempted but was unsuccessful.

At the opening of his inquest, coroner John Gittins said it was ‘an apparent act of self harm’.

Sacked Welsh minister Carl Sargeant found hanged after leaving note on door
Welsh First Minister Carwyn Jones could be called to give evidence at Sargeant’s inquest (Picture: PA) Wire

How the Welsh Assembly treated politician Carl Sargeant in the days before he was found hanged last week will be examined during his inquest.

Newborn has already had nine surgeries, 20 blood transfusions and two cardiac arrests

North Wales Coroner John Gittins opened Sargeant’s inquest today and said he will want statements from witnesses at the Welsh Assembly including First Minister Carwyn Jones who could be forced to give evidence at a future hearing.

Coroner Gittins said he wanted to get the facts surrounding Sargeant’s death so to prevent similar deaths in the future.

He said: ‘With this aspect of my role in mind, I shall be examining carefully the steps taken by the Assembly to have regard to Mr Sargeant’s mental welfare prior to his death.’

He added the inquest will not consider the truth of allegations made against Mr Sargeant, nor look at ‘Cardiff and the Welsh Assembly or the Labour Party’ or make judgement on ‘who is right or wrong’.

Sacked Welsh minister Carl Sargeant found hanged after leaving note on door
Carl Sargeant’s wife found him hanged in his house in Connah’s Quay last Tuesday (Picture: PA Wire)

First Minister Jones ordered a inquiry into his former minister’s death after being criticised by Sargeant’s family and friends about the lack of information given to the sacked minister about his alleged mistakes.

Adjourning the inquest Coroner Gittins said he was unable to give a date for it to resume due to the independent inquiry into Sargeant’s death which could have a bearing on the inquest.

He said: ‘May I take this opportunity to express my sincere condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of Mr Sargeant and to assure them all that there will be a full and fair examination of the matters which are relevant to my investigation and that I shall not allow the inquest to be a trial by press, politics or personality.’

The father-of-two, from Connah’s Quay, North Wales, was also suspended from the Labour Party over the allegations of ‘unwanted attention, inappropriate touching or groping.

But he was not told the details of what he was accused of preventing him being able to properly defend himself, his family said.

Former minister Leighton Andrews has claimed Mr Jones knew that Mr Sargeant was ‘fragile’ before he sacked him.

He also claimed the atmosphere in the Cardiff administration was ‘toxic’ with ‘minor bullying, mind-games, power-games, favouritism, inconsistency of treatment to different ministers, deliberate personal undermining.’

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