Monster battle of the Christmas adverts begins

The John Lewis Christmas advert has landed – and they're pulling out all the stops with an Oscar-winning director, a Beatles tune and a lovable furry monster.

The two-minute film tells the story of Moz – the imaginary friend of seven-year-old Joe – who lives under a bed and makes an awful lot of noise.

Image:John Lewis will be hoping an imaginary friend can pull in very real profits

By night Joe – played by twins Ethan and Tobias – is having fun with his oversized friend, but during the day he's paying the price and falling asleep on the football pitch.

Luckily, ever-thoughtful Moz spots his sleepiness, and thanks to a cleverly chosen Christmas gift (no doubt purchased in John Lewis) he manages to solve his little friend's monster-induced insomnia.

The ad is directed by Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind director Michel Gondry to the soundtrack of The Beatles' Golden Slumbers – and many on social media felt that its release marks the official arrival of Christmas.

Twitter user Lee reacted to the heartwarming ad, writing: "No no I'm fine.. I got something in my eye.. *after watching the john lewis advert*".

While Kathryn Louise wrote on Instagram: "Thank goodness; a proper Christmas advert not seen from you guys since the snowman ad!! Love it".

Others were less impressed with the offering, with Alice Westoby saying John Lewis had "ripped off Where The Wild Things Are".

Paddington ends up helping save Christmas
Video:Viewers hear 'swearing' in M&S Paddington advert

While Dave Corkery wrote: So let me get this straight… Boy meets monster. Monster befriends boy. Boy is tired. Monster commits suicide?"

Meanwhile, American Computer Science teacher John Lewis, whose Twitter bio helpfully states that he is "not a retail store" got in ahead of the advert launch, writing: "Trust me, no one wants to know what's under my bed".

Earlier this week the launch of the Marks & Spencer Xmas ad raised some eyebrows when some viewers thought they heard the F-word directed towards the hero of the ad – Paddington bear.

Both retailers will be hoping to cash in on merchandising, with Moz and Paddington cuddly toys and the night light featured in the John Lewis ad all available for sale.

John Lewis has already had to respond to complaints that the night light had sold out online, with a spokesperson for the store telling Sky News they are staggering release of the product online, but there is plenty of stock available in store.

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