Theresa May rounded off another shit day by paying homage to Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre

After another shit day in the office, so-called prime minister Theresa May found the perfect way to wind down last night – paying tribute to Daily Mail editor, Paul Dacre.

After her hideous day, the prime minister arrives tonight for a dinner with friends – a banquet at Stationers’ Hall in the City to celebrate Paul Dacre’s 25 years as Daily Mail editor. More on News at 10 on ITV at 10

— Robert Peston (@Peston) November 8, 2017

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The Prime Minister attending the *celebration* of the repulsive Paul Dacre's 25 years as editor of the disgusting Daily Mail is another depressing sign of the sickness at the heart of UK politics & the Tory Party weakly traipsing towards the edge of a cliff.

— Andrew Cooper (@AndrewCooper__) November 8, 2017



Utterly nauseating that as government implodes May goes to a ‘banquet’ to ‘celebrate’ the career of hard right sociopathic hypocrite Dacre

— Alastair Campbell (@campbellclaret) November 8, 2017



“Many leaders in my position would be firing Boris Johnson live on TV right now. But I’m Theresa May so I’ve chosen to spoon feed my boss caviar instead.”

— rob delaney (@robdelaney) November 9, 2017


Are there any pictures of Paul Dacre attending his banquet last night, pouring his curves into a daring suit that leaves little to the imagination?

— Tom Phillips (@flashboy) November 9, 2017


#TheresaMay paying homage to Paul Dacre, demonstrating that there is no indignity she will not undergo to remain in power.

— David Head (@DavidHeadViews) November 8, 2017


I’m sure I’m not alone in finding this mildly nauseating…

— Martin McDonald (@marty_mcd) November 8, 2017


Well, when you sell your soul to the devil he expects you turn up for his social engagements.

— Rich Cunningham (@_richcunningham) November 8, 2017

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