On my radar: Chris Ware’s cultural highlights

The American cartoonist on Alexander Payne’s devastating new satire, the young graphic novelist he’s most excited about and the BBC series he pays to have airmailed across the Atlantic

Born in Omaha, Nebraska, in 1967, Chris Ware started doing comic strips when he was studying at the University of Texas in Austin, where he was invited by fellow cartoonist Art Spiegelman to contribute to anthology magazine Raw. A regular contributor of covers and cartoons to the New Yorker, since 1993 Ware has also been publishing the Acme Novelty Library comic book series, which included a serialisation of Jimmy Corrigan, the Smartest Kid on Earth. In 2000 he turned the strip into an acclaimed graphic novel, which won the 2001 Guardian first book award. In 2012 Ware published the box set Building Stories, a project a decade in the making consisting of 14 different books and booklets. His latest book, Monograph (Rizzoli £45), is out now.

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