Harry Styles review – fruitful times for a star still finding himself

SEC Armadillo, Glasgow
When not being pelted with kiwis, Styles is doing an admirable job of figuring out his path post-One Direction

Blame the law of unintended consequences: the kiwi fruit has had a pivotal role to play in Harry Styles’s first UK tour as a solo star. On stage in London, Styles slipped on one. Thrown by a fan, it was not a negative review of the former boy band member’s new, rockier bent, but a ploy to get Styles to play his song Kiwi – one of the more guitar-driven tracks on his self-titled debut album, released last May.

On the Manchester leg of the tour, a branch of Asda actually banned the sale of kiwis to anyone under 25. But at least one rogue kiwi got in there; Styles had to duck another missile.

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