Diane Abbot gets confused about what age soldiers can fight

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Diane Abbot gets confused about what age soldiers can fight
Diane Abbott was speaking about reducing the voting age to 16 (Picture: Chris J Ratcliffe/Getty Images)

Diane Abbott forgot the age at which soldiers can go into combat recently in a video uploaded to her Facebook page.

The Labour MP was speaking about her belief that the voting age should be reduced to 16 years old.

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She said: ‘I believe in votes at 16.

‘If you’re old enough to fight for your country, you’re old enough to vote.’

While you can join the British army at 16, you have to be at least 18 years old to be selected for combat.

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Earlier this year the Shadow Home Secretary made another gaff when speaking on LBC.

She erroneously claimed it would cost £300,000 to pay for an extra 10,000 police officers, later claiming she ‘mis-spoke’.

Ms Abbott uploaded the recent video ahead of the second reading of a private member’s bill on Friday which seeks to reduce the voting age in the UK to 16.

She said she believes ‘young people should have a say in their future’.

‘The time to vote at 16 has come’, she added.

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