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Tomorrow, sadly, our village post office/newsagent is closing after being there longer than I care to remember. One of the reasons cited is obvious, “with the age of digital technology, sale of newspapers is slowing down”. Thankfully an “outside source” has been arranged to deliver. The Guardian faces many challenges ahead (Open door, 30 October), and while I embrace technology, I am an archetypal Guardian reader of 60 years, passionately supporting its values and traditions, and relishing the printed edition each day. I suspect I am not alone in this.
Jean Jackson
Seer Green, Buckinghamshire

• President Macron’s poetic reply to a schoolgirl’s verse letter (Report, 3 November) stands in an honourable tradition. In 1951 Clement Attlee found time during his last days in office to reply to 15-year-old Ann Glossop’s rhyming complaint at having to resit her school certificate, using the same verse form (but more strictly) to sympathise charmingly and refer the matter to his minister for education.
Rev Philip Welsh

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