We See Everything by William Sutcliffe review – surveillance and survival in dystopian London

Resistance fighters are tracked by drones in this young adult tale of violence, love and bereavement

Although I’m an almost lifelong fan of dystopian fiction, ever since accidentally picking up Nineteen Eighty-Four at the age of 10, I find it harder to read now that the gap between it and reality is closing by the day. Dystopias these days read like terrifying premonitions with just enough notice of doom to give your loved ones a kiss goodbye before the apocalypse hits.

Nevertheless, though We See Everything belongs firmly in the dystopian genre – it is set in a near-future, war-ravaged London whose impoverished inhabitants are herded into “the Strip”, surveilled constantly by drones and periodically bombed into further submission – it remains a relatively easy read, for both good and bad reasons.

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