The truth about our wonderful sister Jackie

Hilary Du Pre hits back at her critics and says the story of her famous sibling's life was born of love, not jealousy

The cellist Julian Lloyd Webber has called it "ugly", says it portrays Jackie as a "spoilt, selfish harridan", and argues that Piers and I are "eaten up by bitterness and jealousy". Hugh Canning, music critic of the Sunday Times, said it made him want to throw up. Now a group of leading figures in the musical establishment, writing to the Times, have rounded on what they pompously call "a film purporting to chronicle the life of cellist Jacqueline du Pre".

I am being portrayed as self-serving and mendacious, but what my critics fail to understand – these people who barely knew Jackie – is that the book and film are born of love, not jealousy or bitterness, and what appears to have caused offence is not too little truth but too much honesty.

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