Margo Price: All American Made review – country soaked in serotonin

(Third Man)
Drink, depression and pedal steel all make their presence felt on the Nashville singer’s wry and charming second set

Midwest Farmer’s Daughter, Margo Price’s 2016 debut, was one of those rare country records that reminded outsiders that the genre of rhinestones and melodies could still throw out plenty of grit. It established Price as a penetrating new voice, drawing on her own heart-rending tribulations – poverty, jail, bereavement – and railing against fate and the sexual politics of Nashville, where Price had long toiled unrecognised.

Price was only getting started, it turns out. All American Made finds her tour-honed band fleshing out 12 new songs in which errant lovers, “cocaine cowboys”, and double standards get it in the neck. All of this is delivered with upbeat charm and wry humour; pedal steel solos don’t so much sweeten these pills as dunk them in a vat of serotonin.

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