‘It’s macabre. It’s sick. My friend Jackie has been betrayed,’ by John Williams

By Nicci Gerrard

By the end, the exuberant young musician who had electrified the nation (her husband, pianist and conductor Daniel Barenboim, once wrote of her that she played as if she were composing the music as she went along) sat helplessly in a wheelchair, moon-faced and mute.

In an interview with The Observer , Williams added his voice to the swell of critical distaste over the film Hilary and Jackie , the story of Du Pré's relationship with her older sister, Hilary. Based on the self-regarding memoir by Hilary and her brother Piers, A Genius in the Family , the film depicts an intense and loyal sibling love: a love so unselfish that when Du Pré was in need Hilary gave her everything – including her husband, 'Kiffer' Finzi.

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