Sick video of boy drop-kicking cat sparks RSPCA investigation

Nicole Morley

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A sick video of a teenager dropkicking a cat on Instagram has sparked an RSPCA investigation.

The footage, which showed the boy booting a black and white feline into the air, led an outcry from other social media users who saw the actions as animal abuse.

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It’s not clear if the cat belongs to the boy or if he was abusing somebody else’s pet.

The disturbing clip went viral after being shot in south London and shared by an Instagram account called The Street Blogs, and was promptly reported to the RSPCA.

The video came to light just days after the animal welfare charity revealed that the number of videos featuring serious animal cruelty being shared on Snapchat had risen by 340% in the past two years.

The disturbing pic was shared on Instagram

The RSPCA condemned the attacker, who was believed to be under 18 years of age, and revealed they had launched an investigation into the incident.

Dermot Murphy, from the RSPCA, said: ‘It is completely unacceptable to treat a cat in this way and he or she could well have suffered some severe injuries from such a brutal kick.

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‘We understand that such acts of cruelty can be very upsetting and emotive and we would urge anyone who does recognise the culprit or area to pass the information on to us and not be tempted to act on it themselves.

‘Unfortunately there seems to be a culture of cruelty brewing on social media platforms and people find it funny to share videos of cats being kicked and other animals being tortured or even killed.

‘It’s extremely worrying and something which the RSPCA is not prepared to tolerate. We want youngsters to understand that it is not funny to be cruel to animals and it is also against the law.’

The teen appears to kick the animal

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